Learn how Indie saves time and money to others

Companies, investors, and accelerators use Indie to achieve better and faster investment terms.

A company closed a $3M USD round with Indie

Instrument: Convertible Revenue Share

Investor Type: Series A Fund 

The Story: A Latam-based company received a Revenue Base Investment term sheet from a fund and we used Indie to analyze the term and understand how this could impact their financials and expected cost of capital. After a few weeks and 4 negotiations, we achieved better investment terms by decreasing the expected IRR by 10% and the expected dilution by 20%. 

Two angel investors closed their first investment 

Instrument: Convertible Note (IMIET)

Investor Type: Angel Investors

The Story: Two Angel Investors wanted to make their first investment in a company they really admired but didn't know what the best instrument would be. The company proposed a convertible instrument and we used Indie to analyze and compare different investment terms. After two video calls with both the investors and founders, the investment was made with a win-win term sheet. 

An Accelerator uses Indie to help their portfolio companies

Instrument: Debt, Convertible Notes and Equity

Investor Type: Various 

The Story: A global accelerator is using Indie to help four of their portfolio companies create and understand their seed investment strategy. Indie is used by the accelerator's staff and the portfolio companies' founders.

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