Faster and easier investment rounds

Let's be honest, investment negotiations are hard and slow. But they shouldn't.

Indie automates all the analysis, financial modeling, and scenarios, so you can save time in your investment round.

We've helped companies and investors raise more than $3.5M USD by analyzing 7+ instruments

"Indie was useful to help us visualize the different valuation scenarios and instruments. Above all, it was also very valuable during the process to generate mutual trust through the advice of the Indie team, which we thought very objective, detailed, and concrete. "

-Gustavo made his first angel investment using Indie

We help you achieve the best investment terms.

Don't get lost in hundreds of Excels. Save time, and avoid errors. 

Have faster negotiations and use Indie to do all the math and complex financial models.

Revenue share

Save time

Indie does all the financial modeling and scenarios for you

capital mezzanine


Learn about alternative investment instruments

Revenue based financing


Bring investors, advisors, and founders into the same page

Indie for every stakeholder

Indie supports all stakeholders involved in a financial transaction, with the aim of reaching win-win situations and adapting to different business models and investment thesis.


Indie facilitates the access to adequate capital at different development stages and strengthen the understanding of the impacts of various investment strategies, financial ones and others, in the short, medium and long run.


Indie supports the development of investment strategies tailored to different situations, improving risk-return profiles of investment opportunities and addressing certain investment barriers.

Capacity Builders

Indie eases and completes enterprise support, providing key information for business financing and fostering solid growth as well as robust and sustainable development.

instrumentos mezzanine

Explore the most used investment instruments

We help you decide the best investment intrument

term sheet

Sync your own data

Save time and bring your financials from Google Sheets to Indie.

We built Indie to help others

We built Indie because we went through the pain of creating investment strategies and spending too much time doing financial modeling and negotiations. We've helped small companies and investors raise rounds from $25K to $3M USD. 

Experienced in finance, operations, growth strategies, and passionate about win-win transactions between investors and entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurship, and alternative investments in emerging markets. I've founded 2 companies, launched an outdoor clothing business, and impacted over 2,000 people through conferences and workshops. Rock climber, mountain biker, and outdoors enthusiast.

Héctor Reyes 

Passionate about sustainable development and effective actions on social and environmental challenges via innovative business models and financing solutions. I've developed and managed an innovative financial vehicle focusing on impact-driven enterprises active in Latin America and collaborated with impact investing funds and microfinance institutions active in East Africa and Europe. 

Bruno Michoud

Pricing per company

Pay once, use for 3 months. 14-day money-back guarantee.




Analyze the following instruments:

Convertible Note
Preferred Equity
Revenue Based Financing


100% self-service
3 month access




Analyze the following instruments:

Convertible Note
Preferred Equity
Revenue Based Financing


2-hour advisory
Connect your financial data and forecast
3 month access

Capacity Builders & Funds

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The power of Indie for:

Investors and funds
Capacity Builders


Customized proyects and models

We have special pricing plans for investors and capacity builders

We speak English, Spanish, Italian and French 

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